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  1. So… I have to die before I can change the settings to the way I like?
    That’s kinda stupid. Fix that.
    Add a menu button or a settings splash screen.

  2. Played this yonkers ago on novell netware 3.12….

    …and was looking for it ever after.

    Thanks for porting it to Android.

    What about multiplayer? Will multi be implemented?

    • Wow someone remembers 🙂 I’m going to try to make it just as good. Besides fixing things users have pointed out here, I think making the controls more responsive and intuitive is in the cards. Multiplayer will involve internet connectivity, but I’ll get to it at some point. I seem to remember multiplayer was just on the LAN with the original. So I’m curious, did you blast the other guy when you saw him? Or stay allied for a while?

    • Thanks. I’ll try to reproduce it. Of interest, if you run out of bullets, you have to wait for one to strike something. Even if you have to die once to get the bullet back! Then you can shoot more bullets to get them back too.

  3. Nice work! Feels like the original cept for the controls obviously. Landscape would be a nice option to make control easier. Awaiting ncsnipes

    • Thanks Cup! You might get it to go in landscape mode if your device is operating in landscape when you call the game up. I’ll retest it. It’s definitely useful on tablets especially.

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