Game Instructions

Goal – You are in a maze on a spherical globe.  Your win by destroying all the snipe nests and their evil spawn – the snipes and zombies.  You lose if you run out of lives first.

Controls – You have two controls.  The left one allows you to move through the maze.  The right one allows you to shoot.

Screen objects

  • Maze – The maze is circular in both directions; like a sphere.  You can go all the way around it, as can bullets.
  • You –  Two eyes and a wry smile.  Try not to die.
  • Nests – These are rectangular stationary objects that occasionally spawn snipes and zombies.  If you shoot one, it dies.
  • Snipes and Zombies – These are born and stay near the nests.  They can move and they can bite to kill.
  • Bullets – Once you shoot a bullet, it can kill any of the objects above.

Ways to die – I know you’re not looking to do this.  Just thought I’d list them

  • Get bitten by a snipe or zombie
  • Run into a nest.
  • Get hit by your own bullet.
  • If the electric walls option is turned on, just run  into a wall.
  • Restart the game – sorry, the game doesn’t persist well.  Just start a new game.

Options – at the end of a game, you can select new options.  Your selection will persist if you just start the next game

  • Number of lives – The number of times you can die and be reborn before you lose.
  • Electric walls – If this is ON, you’ll die if you bump into a wall.  This is a very difficult option.
  • Nest Density – A higher density will mean you have more nests to deal with.
  • Snipe radar – Snipes move in random directions.  But if you dial up their radar, they’ll tend to move more steadily towards you!
  • Bullets bounce – If this is ON, then your bullets will not die when they hit a wall.  Instead, they will bounce off.
  • Walls break – If this is ON, then your bullets can shoot holes in the walls.

Fun Tips

  • Walls break – you can shoot clear around the world with a stream of bullets.  This works well if you just want to hide for a while and let your bullets do the work.  But you might run out of bullets in which case you cannot shoot again until one of your bullets kills something.
  • Bullets – can kill bullets.  So you can shoot your own bullets to either reclaim the other bullet, or to remove it as an obstacle.
  • Bullets bounce – It’s a fun way to clean out infestations.  Try diagonal streams of shots, even while you’re moving. You get one break; the bullets won’t kill you this time.
  • Targets – Kill nests first.  If you concentrate on killing snipes and zombies, they just get reborn.  Once you kill the nests, you can go back and clean up the snipes and zombies.
  • Scoring – With a glance at the top of the game, you can find out how you’re doing during the game.